December 14, 2017

Today, the FCC told Americans – Americans who can’t afford to buy homes, cars, save for the future, or pay their medical bills – that only with lots of money does one deserve knowledge.

I have always loved the internet. In the early nineties, the first time my computer made that noise – the noise that seemed to rush me forward with warp engines – I was in love. For me, it started with The X-Files. It was the first piece of pop culture to be truly affected by the internet. Suddenly, it didn’t matter if no one you knew was into the show you loved because there were people all over the world who were. Those people, not yet avatars on the screen, only handles, became friends.

As a nerd kid I would spend hours (when connectivity permitted) reading about the Titanic, or Ancient Egypt, sucking in everything I could. The information, all of the world’s information, was right there. And it belonged to everybody. It didn’t matter how much money you had, if your clothes were old or new, if you lived in the good neighborhood or bad – the internet was for you. Everything you could ever want or need to know was there. And you could CONTRIBUTE to it. You were student and teacher. It was a virtual meeting place for the thinkers and engineers, the artists and the fringe population. The internet was the doorway to the universe.

We built this. We created the information superhighway. We have held it, cared for it, imparted our wisdom on it, and watched it grow.

This has always happened. Men in power have always tried to control the way the masses think, what questions they can answer, who they can speak to. This is not new. We need to understand that we CAN FALL. The United States of America is not special. Our freedoms are great but our greed proves greater. Fight with your wallet - do not spend money with companies that support this decision. Raise your voice. Refuse to stand for information control.

Refuse to be silenced.

Refuse to be complacent.

NEVER obey.

~ Candi